Our Story

We love to connect with our families by sharing stories of our lives but we also want to pass something on to our great grandkids about the life lessons we've learned.

Our Vision

Create a digital home for what you cherish most, designed to out live you. Remi will help you share our past, present, and future with your loved ones and save your family history for future generations.

Our How

From asking your relatives at the holidays what they dream about to recording a quick video of your revelation on your trip to Iceland, Remi is part biographer, part conversation facilitator, all built for you.


How it works


Remi asks questions. Fun questions and deep questions. Questions for you and questions you may want to ask others. About your past, present, and future. Our job is to be there when you need it in the way you want. You keep living and making more stories and we'll take care of the rest.


Life is not just about the high points or the challenges, it's about the spectrum of experience. You aren't going to be getting a bunch of likes or followers, but you will learn something new about someone you care about. Remi will simply help you tell the story of your reality.